General Rule & Tips

Section A : General Rules of Using
  • Always meet the seller in person, and hand over the cash only when you are sure that the product is as advertised.
  • Never transfer money in advance or pay a deposit before you have the item in your hands.
  • does not provide any mechanisms for payment or protect payments made by the buyer.
  • If you come across a suspicious email from abroad purporting to send money to your account, ignore it.
  • Avoid shipping your item(s) abroad, as local transactions are safer and more convenient.
  • Be honest with your product advertising and while dealing with your customers.
Section B : Tips of Using
  • Don't advertise multiple products using the same title, image and content. Failure to comply will result in your account being suspended immediately, without prior notice.
  • Don't create and post SPAM/FAKE/MALWARE ads.
  • Update your product advertisements regularly, if needed.
  • Delete unused, expired, or archived product advertisements from your dashboard panel.
  • Do not post any products which are not listed in the menu or sub menu category.
  • Subscribe to the promoted ads package to ensure that your products ads are easily accessible and visible to target customers.

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